The brother of Grungni and joint husband of Valaya, Grimnir is the patron of warriors, and of Slayers in particular. During their ancient migration, Grimnir protected the Dwarfs from enemies such as Giants, Dragons, and Trolls. The coming of Chaos brought forth new dangers; wielding two mighty axes forged by Grungni, Grimnir led the Dwarfs against these abominations. After learning about the warp gate through which the forces of Chaos were entering the world, Grimnir decided to find the ruptured gate and close it with his own hands, even against the advice of Grungni and Valaya. He shaved his head, except for a crest that he dyed orange and spiked with animal fat, and tattooed his body with elaborate patterns that incorporated his personal rune. Dishonored Dwarfs entering the Slayer cult follow the same ritual today.

Giving one of his axes to his son Morgrim, Grimnir journeyed north singing his death-song. Morgrim followed Grimnir, even though he was urged to turn back. Near Norsca, Grimnir slew the marauding Dragon Glammendriing. Scarred from that battle, Grimnir cut a claw from the Dragon and used it to add elaborate scars to his body in a final ritual preparation for his forthcoming battle. After attending a banquet in his honor held by the besieged northern Dwarfs, Grimnir and Morgrim departed.

At the edge of the Chaos Wastes, the two fought the Daemon Prince Kragen’ome’nanthal, scion of Khorne, in a titanic battle lasting three days. On the verge of collapsing and bleeding from many wounds, Grimnir struck the Daemon Prince a killing blow, incurring the wrath of Khorne. After resting, Grimnir commanded Morgrim to return, and take his place as the protector of the Dwarfs. Morgrim watched his father dwindle into the haze of the Chaos Wastes. What became of Grimnir is beyond anyone’s knowledge. Dwarfs do not speak of the matter.

Grimnir is portrayed as a muscular Dwarf, his body covered with tattoos and ritual scars, wearing the spiked orange crest and exotic jewellery of a Slayer. He is clad in chain mail and is armed with the axe Az-Dreugidum (“Waraxe of Doom”)


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