A scarry looking satyr like creature


“My king, you have performed deeds others could not achieve in a thousand lifetimes. You have held a mirror up to your subjects and shown them the truth of what they are: proud, noble, but most of all wild. Do you understand? You are more than you were – more than just flesh and bone; you are everything that defines us. "
—Atolmis, Priest of Kurnous


Orion, known by many titles such as the King in the Woods or the Master of the Wild Hunt, is the everlasting Lord of Athel Loren and co-ruler of the Wood Elven race. Many think he is immortal, but his existence is irrevocably tied to the seasons. Thus does he pass willingly into his own funeral pyre each midwinter, only to be reborn into thunderous life on the first day of spring. Each year, on the eve of the vernal equinox, the Wild Riders selects a young prince who will bear the mantle of Orion for the coming year. This chosen one is led to the Oak of Ages and given over to Ariel’s keeping.

There, she works the miracle of rebirth, sculpting her lost husband anew from the chosen one’s flesh and Kurnous’ spirit. On the following morning, the chosen one emerges from the Oak’s embrace, a mortal Elf no longer, but reborn as Orion, god-king of Athel Loren. When his realm is threatened, Orion is the first to fight in its defence. Taking up his mighty weapons of war, he winds his great horn and calls Athel Loren to the Wild Hunt. Every Elf feels the lure of their king’s wild summons, and many are overcome by this most primal of urges. Drawn to their king’s side, they gladly abandon their civilized concerns for the thrill of the hunt and the heady tang of blood upon the wind.


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