Duke Stephen Giliard

Tall, muscular. scar from neck to his check


“If we die tonight, then we will feast in Sigmar’s Hall tomorrow! If we survive, then we will make Sigmar proud by continuing to fight!”

-Duke Stephen Giliard During the battle of Harmon Pass


Some think the Duke has his armor melded into his skin. Like the chaos warriors of the north. He is more militaristic than his other noble peers. He emphasis training his troops and keeping them in top shape will be the best plan when a attack comes into play. A former officer of the Middenland army, he was given the title of Duke by the elector count after displaying bravery and great tactics on the field of battle

A notable diplomat as well. Coming from his tenure in the military, he is very proficient at negotiating with others and knowing when to fight and when to make peace. This clearly isn’t your average Duke

Duke Stephen Giliard

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