Mattheus II Emperor

Tall, confidant, in royal armor, with a big friggin hammer


“If we die, we will die wielding our swords, for there is no better death for a warrior. We will sit at Sigmar’s banquet like the heroes of old and our names will be remembered in the songs of our people till the end of time!”
— speech to his men, during the Third Battle of Black Fire Pass.

Mattheus is the current self declared Emperor. The previous emperor’s heir had passed weeks before the Emperor was killed in a vampiric assassination during the seige of Castle Templehof. Mattheus being the oldest and the only elector count in the line of succession he had stepped in to be the Emperor. His younger brother James has rebelled and threatened to throw the empire out of balance.

Mattheus was a Empire captain who went up the ranks as a talented Calvary man. He rose up to be the Reiksmarshall. After 5 years as Reiksmarshall, he became the elector count He served his people well, by proving himself as a talented negotiator and peacekeeper.


Mattheus II Emperor

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